Our screenings

Some notes & photos from past screenings. See this page for some audience reviews.

Past screenings:

Nov. 9, 2018: Toronto
Ukrainian National Federation (UNF) Hall. Sponsored by: the Ukrainian Women’s Organization of Canada – Toronto Branch (OYK)

Apr. 19, 2018:   Toronto
Nov. 11-12, 2017:  Sudbury
Oct. 27, 2017:  Edmonton
Sep. 12, 16,17: Toronto
Aug. 29, 2017: “Sneak preview”, Seattle

Toronto: Ukrainian Museum of Canada, April 19, 2018

Packed house!

Our first public viewing was in April of 2017, on the opening night of the Ukrainian Museum of Canada, Ontario Branch’s exhibit, Trunk Tales: Leaving Home… Finding Home on Ukrainian immigration to Canada. We were invited to show some in-progress excerpts illustrating the theme of that exhibit.

So we were very happy to be invited back to show the completed film as the Museum was preparing to close the exhibit. The film showing was also used as a small fundraiser for the Museum.

See an article on the film & screening on the front page of the St. Vladimir Institute Summer 2018 Newsletter (PDF)

UKRAINIAN MUSEUM (Toronto). Oksana prior to screening

Museum co-president Sonia Holiad introduces the film.

Sudbury, November 11 & 12, 2017

Front page of Sudbury Star, Nov. 6

Bill lived in, loved, and contributed to the city of Sudbury for almost 70 years. When he and Anna moved to Toronto in 1995, members of Sudbury Regional Council gave him a tribute (some of which is in the film.) At that meeting, Bill said goodbye to his beloved city. In the short clip  below, he said, “If you will celebrate something, please write to me in Toronto, and I will come to show my heart that Sudbury is worth it to stay.”

He never was able to return, so taking this film – and his story – to Sudbury was one of our priorities.

We showed the film at two venues: on Saturday, at the first Junction North International Documentary Film Festival. and Sunday at the Ukrainian Seniors’ Centre. Following the Saturday showing, former Sudbury Mayor, Councillor & MPP Jim Gordon (featured in the film & trailer) spoke extensively about Bill’s contributions.

Edmonton, October 27, 2017

Edmonton audience

In 1988, Bill & Anna established the Kuryliw Family Research Assistantship in Honour of Ivan Franko at what is  now the Kule Folklore Centre at the University of Alberta, so we were really happy to show the film in Edmonton on October 27 at the St. John’s Institute.

The event was sponsored by the Kule Folklore Centre and the Canadian Institute for Ukrainian Studies.

Toronto: September 12, 16 & 17, 2017

Getting ready for
film’s premiere! Sept. 12

Tuesday, September 12 was the premiere screening of our documentary. The film was shown in the beautiful Spadina Theatre at Alliance Française on Spadina Road in Toronto. About 125 people attended and we received a (blush) tremendous reception. The standing ovation, and reviews people have sent us (see below) have been wonderful and moving.  The film obviously reached people, either through its story, Bill’s life, and/or evoking people’s memories of Bill, of Sudbury, or of similar  stories in their own lives.

Prior to the film, Oksana was interviewed by Ron Kahute of Kontakt TV. Parts of that interview were broadcast on April 21, 2018 and are posted here on YouTube.

After the film, we held a reception in the Alliance’s Gallery, catered (food & service donated) by our favourite restaurant, Bloom in Bloor West Village, and its sister restaurant, Focaccia. A great time, and we are VERY appreciative of Bloom. Always great food & great service!

A full house at Ukrainian
Festival screening

We had two additional showings at the Bloor West Village Toronto Ukrainian Festival, screened in the newly renovated Runnymede Library. Saturday about 50 people came (standing room only), and about half that number on Sunday.

More photos from Toronto at bottom of page.

“Sneak Preview”: Seattle, Aug. 29,2017

In late August, we traveled through Oregon and Washington to see the Aug. 21 solar eclipse. We also took the opportunity, while awaiting the “official” world premiere of Chapters and Verses, to arrange a backyard screening of our film for family and a group of Ukrainian-Americans (including Iryna Kovalenko, a member of one of our favourite musical groups, Dakha Brakha).

The film was very well received – we were encouraged for our first large public showing in September.

At the screenings: